Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Logos, ethos, pathos - The power of speech: Journal 7

Based on the feedback I've received from my initial presentation, I'll try and respond to the audience's...expectations, per se.

  • Who are you, and what authority do you have on the topic of your project?

  • Granted, the first time I answered this question, I didn't have a strong focus - since I was still constructing the speech in my head. There was so much to talk about, and there was nobody that I had so far which could help me in this endeavour. Much of it was stand-alone, and until I could get more people involved my authority on the project is pretty much everything.

    It's understandable then why my ratings on this section was low - I'll have to come up with a better introduction to get my point across.

  • How clear and consistent is your reasoning for why you want to make this project?

  • I wanted to tell people about a story, which tries to tackle the integrity of the player. Can the player maintain his own morals throughout the story and not be led astray? Is there something that I can convey to the player about principle, code of conduct, something which will matter to them? Many games nowadays allow the character to choose their own path and live with what they've done, and while that's fine...
    I want to make a game that rewards those who persevere through hard determination, a 'true end' to a malleable story. For those whose faith did not waver, and their integrity held fast despite the difficulties they face, only they will get the best experience out of those who did not.

    Apparently, the audience's response to this was poor. Apparently, the audience doesn't like ideals - no likes for the 'why', or the reason of it all. I have received a lot of low score on this section, and much criticism on failing to address the final product and on how it would be made.
    Well. If they are so rigid for the need of results, then I will have to address the issue with more clarity. But I won't change the ideal behind my project, just because the audience doesn't want to hear it.

  • What are you communicating with this project that the audience you are targeting doesn't already know?

  • The project is a 1-2 minute short animation film, followed by the first demo level of the game. What I would add in addition for the audience, is that the hardest difficulties often reap the best rewards. To people in general, is it not the struggle, the journey through the hardships that makes it most memorable and precious to the individual? In an era where everything is quick gratification, this is something that, as a society we are starting to lack -- the trials that makes us who we are, and what we are.

    ...Yet, again, the results were...not encouraging. If the current era prompts quick satisfaction to everything, then it must be pointed out and brought to attention. If my project can show the audience - reveal, for the lack of a better word - the issue at hand, then I am certainly heading in the right direction.

  • How will people remember your project?

  • How will people remember a story, an experience or an ideal? By becoming a part of it, I believe. In this section I will need to strengthen the interaction between the short animation film and the demo game. Being a part of a story makes for a stronger impression than merely showcasing a presentation to the general masses.

    I will need to find better words to persuade the audience here.

  • What are you motivating people to do in your project?

  • When I gave the speech about this section, I wanted to aspire people to do something they think is meaningful. Of course, there is the ulterior motive of trying to get potential clients to invest in my project and perhaps take it beyond its current limitations, but trying to make them interested, as well as enjoying the preview would be a daunting task to accomplish.
    Based on the reviews, I'll need to focus more on the aspirations and motivations here - and phrase them in such a way to convice the audience - or client - about the prospects of my project.

  • How will you bring your project to life in the minds of the audience?

  • I mentioned here that I will bring the project to life using a visual representation. Just like a game show or a game trailer, I want to create something compelling that would create a monumental impact to the audience. Through storytelling as my primary medium, and graphics as my visuals, I want to give them an experience that they will enjoy, as well as look forward to if my project is able to acquire the right fundings and resources for a full scale production. By focusing the speech here and pointing out the process in breathing life into this project, I think I can also help tie it back to the first section of this presentation --

    -- and perhaps change the audience's mind on the capability of my project.

    Monday, February 18, 2013

    The Golden Circle

    Previously, I have used this word,

    The Traditional Chinese character "De", as the basis in describing my project. If I want to incorporate and view where this character would be placed in Mr. Sinek's discussion about the Golden Circle, then this character will most likely be found in the "Why" section. The heart of the circle.

    Why, you might say? Because I believe that within everyone, lies 'something', a certain character that resounds deeply within themselves. Be it virtue, principle, moral, all the things that encompasses the philosophical part of the human heart, everybody has some view of it, and at least some interpretation of it to themselves. The character,

    Encompasses that idea, that broad selection into one single entity. Just as we are taught and exposed at an early age to the concept of principle, I want to bring my own view about what I believe in this 'character', place it in an arranged setting for debate, and communicate that idea towards the audience. To make it open for interpretation, suggestion, and to re-open their minds towards this particular concept, for it is most certainly lacking in the current day world.
    And what better way to express it than through storytelling of a video game? Not only can I create a suitable story that can challenge the integrity and character of the viewer, I can also place them in certain events that tackles their belief in what may be just and what may not be. Would the player/audience be able to maintain the integrity of their character, their faith in what they believe in, or throw away their faith for their own 'virtue', even if it may be harmful to others?
    That is the question I want people to think about. To question and re-affirm their own faith in their own beliefs, and make themselves a better person in the end.
    So for 'Why', my objective is clear. Now the question is, "How" would it work in conjunction to the player, the audience, and "What" would the end result be?
    I already know what I want the result to be. A product that is a video trailer, tasked with the objective of hitting the audience/player's core belief, which they then interact and...well, either reaffirm or not.
    Now, for the "How", I know what I need to begin this ambition;
    Someone who shares the same belief I do in this. Someone who can help me with the technical aspects and help share what I believe to others.
    So, in terms of making a diagram for this...

    From the inner world, to reality. This is the path that I must take. In the future, I do sincerely hope that what I do is to be able to bring ideas to reality, to work in fields that bring preconception into something tangible - and especially...
    To make people aspire to what I believe is 'De'. For nothing stays longer with you, than your own faith in your own 'De'.

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    Word of the day

    The Traditional Chinese character "De". A controversial character that is difficult to describe and explain in english, but nonetheless an important word in most Eastern Philosophy. It will be explained more when class hits.

    Monday, February 4, 2013

    Project Discussion: A rival appears!

    I've talked to Wesley Fulkerson today, about his project. If I am not mistakened in his idea, he plans on creating an actual, physical maze for an audience to participate in, while having it evolve/expand upon further exploration. His inspiration of this idea was acquired from some of the other capstones he'd seen before, such as the 3D projection technology that was shown a semester or two back. Other inspirations include the pokemon franchise, with its elaborate tunnels and whatnot.

    So far, he is more focused on the technical aspects of actually getting his idea functional, before planning on the story element of it. Perhaps it is because of his programming background, or...?
    Whatever the case is, I will find his capstone to be most interesting if he successfully pulls it off.

    Monday, January 28, 2013

    7P's - once more, with passion : Journal Entry 3

    So, let's see what I WAS planning on doing in my past journal entry. I wanted to make a video game trailer that is 2 minutes long at most, followed by the first level of the game. Let's see the new revision I made for my 7Ps Framework.

    NEW Purpose: Nope - the purpose is still the same; to create a compelling trial game that can be enjoyed by the gamer audience. The purpose, while mainly for entertainment, has not deviated from the goal of attracting potential attention from employers and clients.
    Product: Obviously, it'll be a PC based platform, and it'll be a game software that will be using UDK and 3D based softwares to run. That goal hasn't changed as well.
    People: The gaming people, and obviously potential employers and clients that are in the gaming industry.
    Process: It'll be a primary collaborative effort to use the resources available in the labs to design this game.
    Pitfalls: Obviously, finding people and getting a collaborative effort of getting it done on time is going to be the biggest challenge. Can I hit the goal which may be placed a bit too far out of my reach, and can I make it in such a way that it can inspire people to view my work and appreciate my results?
    Prep: I got one more semester - this one - left before my capstone begins. I'll need to lay down the framework and begin it ASAP so I don't find the pitfalls waiting for me in the near future.
    Pratical Concerns:

    Herein lies the biggest question of all. Can I motivate and dedicate myself to such an endeavor...? Rethining this section has netted me an unsettling feeling. Can I get this done on time? Can I make something worthwhile to celebrate on? Would this work? The list goes on.

    Just imagine - the capability of telling a story, and sharing that visual image, that feeling to others so they can enjoy it as a game, as a video...
    Would they be able to see it in the same light as I do?

    To be honest, I don't know. And because of that uncertainty...I am at loss on how to even begin such a journey.

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013

    Journal Entry - Week 2

    Welp. The Professor is sick, and we got a TA substituting for her class. We learned the 7 P's, but I believe we'll be able to get something more detailed when the Professor comes back next week for further lecturing. Also - weather is unbearably cold. It'll be a good week. For the Assignment -- 7Ps Framework Purpose: Why are you doing this? Who is it for? - For myself, and to give it to the general gaming audience. Also for a portfolio reel and a demo product to get a job, of course! Product: What will it do? How will it support the purpose? - A video trailer that'll be 2 minutes long max, followed by the first level of the game made in UDK. People: Who needs to be involved? How are they involved? - The typical production pipeline for animators, modelers, programmers, conceptual art, the whole nine yards. Process: What tools do you need? Time? Space? - A powerful computer, a workforce, time, and the softwares needed such as Maya, UDK, Adobe softwares, etc. Pitfalls: Plan for failure. Back up? - 2 minute video trailer can be done, without the game. Prep: Research? - cgsociety.org, etc. Pratical Concerns: - Finding the people to help me with it, and using the equipments available on campus to promote and work on the project.

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    PreCapstone 420 - Week 1

    Location: Second floor, located next to the stairs. Mission objective: Acquire useful intel about PreCapstone requirements. Secondary Objective: Network with potential clients and achieve a collaborative group for PreCapstone endeavours. Tertiary objective: Finish assigned missions given by High Command to ensure successful completion of this course. Further notes - The amount of personnel within said location has almost maxed out. Many individuals have collaborated together prior to the entry of this course, resulting in fewer resources available for use when the time arises. It is unsure as of now whether there are any individuals left which may be of assistance to my cause, as many of them have wide and diverse fields of talent which may - or may not - coincide with my own. Further observation is required.